Ticket To Ride: Map Collection V6 - France and Old West

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Dive into thriving French culture during Impressionism, and the Industrial Revolution; street cafes, "Starry Night", Paris boulevards, and Notre-Dame. The French railroad system is a blank canvas just waiting for your masterful strokes. However, before you can start claiming routes, you'll need to lay the tracks! Watch our for your opponents, though, because they might claim the route you just spent so much time building...


  • 1 Double-sided Map
  • 64 Track Pieces
  • New Set of Trains
  • 18 Cities
  • Alvin the Alien Marker
  • Tickets & Rules for each Map

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Days of Wonder     How to Play

 Designer(s)  Alan R. Moon
 Artist(s)  Cyrille Daujean, Julien Delval
 Publisher(s)  Days of Wonder, Rebel
 Year Published  2017
 Mechanics  Card Drafting, Hand Management, Route Building, Set Collection
 Categories  Award Winning Games, Essential Games, Expansion, Family Games, Gateway Games, Strategy Games
 Player Count  2–6
 Play Time  60–90 Min
 Age  8+
 Weight  2.43 / 5

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