Ticket To Ride: Map Collection V1 - Team Asia and Legendary Asia

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Embark on an incredible adventure in Alan R. Moon's Team Asia map as you and a partner compete against other teams on a 25,000 kilometer ride from Kabul to Beijing, through the steppes of Mongolia and the Gobi desert up to the Yellow River!


  • Maps of Legendary Asia and Team Asia
  • Destination Tickets and Rules for each map
  • 6 Card holders
  • 9 Plastic trains in each of 5 colors

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 Designer(s)  Alan R. Moon, François Valentyne
 Artist(s)  Cyrille Daujean, Julien Delval
 Publisher(s)  Days of Wonder
 Year Published  2011
 Mechanics  Card Drafting, Hand Management, Route Building, Set Collection
 Categories   Award Winning Games, Cooperative Games, Essential Games, Expansion, Family Games, Gateway Games, Strategy Games
 Player Count  2–6
 Play Time  30–60 Min
 Age  8+
 Weight  1.97 / 5

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