Macronova Games LLC was founded by Michael and Marie Cook in 2018.  The store is military family member owned and operated.  Our mission is to bring board games and wholesome entertainment to our fellow servicemembers and their families as well as the rest of the United States. 

If you live on a military installation please contact us and let us know so we can try to work with your local USO or library to get some games to your neighborhood!

A macronova, or kilonova, is approximately 100 times more powerful than a standard nova and occurs when two neutron stars, or black holes collide.  It is believed that, in these events, higher level complex fusion or r-process takes place.  Since it is our dream to one day open a board game cafe with gourmet fusion foods we settled on the name Macronova Games.  Its our belief that the connection of two celestial bodies mirrors the connection and release of energy that board games bring in this highly electronic age, as well as alluding to the cuisine we one day will bring to the public as well!

Thank you for shopping at Macronova Games!  Enjoy yourself, and welcome to our community.  We look forward to serving you, and receiving your feedback!


Michael Cook

Founder of Macronova Games