How do Preorders and Backorders Work?

If you purchase an item marked as a preorder, or backorder you will be charged for the purchase.  If the item is currently in print we will ensure a copy is in our next shipment from our distributors and you should have it within 7-10 days or so. 

For preorders, or if the backorder is between printings then we will have the order placed with our distributors and as soon as it is (re)printed we will have the item in our next shipment from distributors and out to you as soon as possible after that. 

If your order contains preorders or back orders and items that are in stock, the in stock items will be placed on the customer hold shelf to ensure they are still available when your other items arrive.


How do Customer Holds Work?

If you select "Customer Hold" as your method of shipping then your items will be placed on our customer hold shelf.  When the total cost of this and your subsequent order(s) reach the free shipping threshold we will reach out to you to ensure that your shipping address has not changed and that you are ready for us to ship for free. 

If you want to have your order shipped sooner just email us and we will send you an invoice for shipping and send your order off to you.


Can I Order an Item That Is Not Listed on the Website?

If you are looking for items that we do not carry, please contact us at or through our customer service tab.  We can track down the item(s) you want and send you an invoice.  We will add the item(s) to the store afterwards for future customers.


What is Your Refund Policy?

If you cancel an order before it has shipped then you will be refunded no questions asked.  If you want to return an item that has no defect then we will send you a shipping label and an invoice for you to send the item back. 

If the item is damaged or not what was ordered then we will pay to return, replace them, work with the shipping company, or find whatever solution is needed to make sure everything is made right.


How Long Until My Order Ships?

If your order is placed before 12 noon Eastern Time and we have all items in stock then we can usually get it out the same day.  Otherwise it would go out the next day barring any unforeseen circumstances.


Where are you based?

We are based out of Fort Drum, NY.


 Do You Have A Physical Storefront?

We do not currently have a physical storefront.  Being active duty military means that we move every few years.  This can be very problematic and expensive.  We do plan on opening a physical location at some point in the future, so stay tuned!


Can I Pick Up in Person?

If you live in the Fort Drum, NY area or happen to be visiting you can send us a message and we would be happy to meet you at a local library, mall, or other site that is convenient.


Do You Ship Internationally?

 Yes we do.  You will be responsible for any customs fees charged by your country, but we can ship most anywhere in the world.


How do I earn rewards? 

Right now there are quite a few ways to earn rewards - sign up, refer a friend, like our Facebook page, share on Facebook, tweet about us, on your birthday, and, of course, by shopping! We will also periodically run specials to give you new and faster ways to earn rewards.