Astro Trash

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Astro Trash is an edge-of-your-seat space race to rid the solar system of free floating debris! It’s dice-rolling, trash-flinging fun for the whole family!

Roll dice and fling trash to protect your planet and win!


  • 1 sun central play mat 
  • 5 planet player mats 
  • 15 dice 
  • 50 trash pieces 
  • 11 trash trophies 
  • instructions

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The OP     How to Play

 Publisher(s)  The Op
 Year Published  2019
 Mechanics  Dice Rolling, Pattern Recognition
 Categories  Family Games, Real-time
 Player Count  3–5
 Play Time  10–15 Min
 Age  6+
 Weight  1.00 / 5

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