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As head of a monastery during the Middle Ages, you compete against the other monasteries to become the one with the most wonderful library. In order to assemble your collection, you need to acquire the necessary pigments for decorative lettering, hire the best scribes, and reproduce the most precious works.

You have a limited amount of gold at your disposal to accomplish this. The trick is to part with certain items from your collection at just the right time, and to pay the lowest price for enviable rarities. Finally, staying on good terms with the bishop means that your can use his influence to make your library look that much more splendid.


  • 1 category level board
  • 5 special six-sided dice
  • 87 cards
  • 1 rulebook

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 Designer(s)  Steve Finn
 Artist(s)  Steve Finn, David Palumbo
 Publisher(s)  IELLO
 Year Published  2007
 Mechanics  Auction, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Press Your Luck, Set Collection
 Categories  Card Games, Filler Games, Essential Games, Gateway Games
 Player Count  2-4
 Play Time  30 minutes
 Age  1+
 Weight  1.68/5

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