Blood Rage: 5th Player Expansion

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The proud Ram clan is ready to make its stand in the world of Blood Rage! Hailing from a harsh mountainous region, these Vikings area hardy folks that will never shy away from battle. Wielding their axes and hammers, they charge headlong into the fray.

The 5th Player Expansion includes everything you need to paly Blood Rage with up to 5 players at once. This includes not only the brand new Ram clan, but also extra Gods' Gifts card to add to your decks so there are enough cards for all players. The Ram clan can also be used to replace one of the core game clans when playing with less than 5 players.


  • 10 Highly Detailed Plastic Miniatures
  • 13 Colored Miniature Bases
  • 1 Plastic Glory Marker
  • 24 Cards
  • 4 Tokens
  • 1 Clan Sheet
  • 1 Rules Leaflet

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CMON Limited     How to Play

 Designer(s)  Eric M. Lang
 Artist(s)  Adrian Smith
 Publisher(s)  Asmodee, CMON Limited, Cool Mini Or Not
 Year Published  2015
 Mechanics  Action Point Allowance System, Area Control, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Simultaneous Action Selection
 Categories  Expansion, Fighting, Miniatures, Strategy Games, Award Winning Games, Essential Games
 Player Count  2-5
 Play Time  60–90 Min
 Age  13+
 Weight  2.62 / 5

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