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A family member has been kidnapped! Can you navigate through a dark mansion filled with unseen dangers and rescue her? You'll encounter foes, puzzles, traps, riddles, and much, much more! You'll need to hurry as time is tracked as you go.

Volume #1 in the new Graphic Novel Adventures gamebook line from Van Ryder Games. In Captive, you play the role of a cop whose daughter has been taken for ransom. You show up at a mysterious mansion in the country with your gun and the ransom note in hand, determined to find and rescue your daughter... and maybe get some answers in the process. Filled with exploration, puzzles, riddles, and more, Captive will hold you captive with its engrossing story and excellent gameplay.

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 Designer(s)  Emmanuel Manuro
 Artist(s)  MC
 Publisher(s)  Van Ryder Games
 Year Published  2018 (US)
 Mechanics  Adventure, Deduction, Role Playing
 Categories  Book
 Player Count  1
 Play Time  30-130
 Age  10+
 Weight  2.00/5

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