Catacombs Cubes: Monuments

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Catacombs Cubes™: Monuments™ is an expansion for Catacombs Cubes, available at launch.

The Monuments expansion introduces two new playable Catacombs heroes, which can be used to play a five or six player game.

Included are 36 brand new structures tiles, complete with all new artwork and more challenging puzzles. The new Monument Structure Tiles allow players to build impressive wonders from the Catacombs universe which open up more ways to earn rewards.

The two resources “Gold” and “Marble” add Z and L shaped wood polycubes to the game, introducing more flexible and thematic ways to build.


  • 15 Wood Resource Cubes
  • 16 Quarry Tokens
  • 4 Wood Dice
  • 18 Wood Player Trackers
  • 36 Building Tiles
  • 2 Player Boards
  • 1 Instruction Manual

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 Designer(s)  Ken Valles, Aron West
 Artist(s)  Denis Martynets
 Publisher(s)  Elzra Corp.
 Year Published  2019
 Mechanics  Modular Board, Pattern Building, Pattern Recognition, Tile Placement
 Categories  Expansion, City Building, Family Games
 Player Count  1–6
 Play Time  30–90 Min
 Age  12+
 Weight  2.10 / 5

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