City of Gears

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City of Gears is a unique steampunk game of exploration, area control, worker placement, and engine building. From your incredible factory, you must race to claim ownership over the magnificent ruins of an abandoned clockwork metropolis. Each game plays in under an hour, and because only nine of the city tiles (out of 21 available) are randomly chosen and placed each game, no two games ever play the same. Using your automaton workers to cause clever chain reactions and knock opponents out of your way is the key to victory.


  • 17 Production Tiles 
  • 36 Resource Tokens 
  • 13 Discovery Tiles 
  • 30 Movement Tokens 
  • 80 Ownership Markers 
  • 24 Automaton Worker Pawns 
  • 63 Prestige Tokens 
  • 4 Factory Boards 
  • 21 City Tiles 
  • 1 Gear Bag 
  • 4 Opening Day gears 
  • 4 Converter Development Gears 
  • 40 Standard Gears

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 Designer(s)  Chris Leder, Daryl Andrews
 Artist(s)  Anthony Cournoyer, Chris Leder, Tyler Myatt
 Publisher(s)  Grey Fox Games
 Year Published  2012
 Mechanics  Area Control, Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Take That, Worker Placement
 Categories  Dice Games, City Building, Strategy Games
 Player Count  2-4
 Play Time  45-60 minutes
 Age  8+
 Weight  2.59/5

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