Dominion: Empires

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The world is big and your kingdom gigantic! In fact, it's no longer a kingdom really... it's an empire! Which makes you the emperor! This entitles you to a better chair, plus you can name a salad after yourself. But, it's not easy being emperor. The day starts early, when you light the sacred flame; then it`s hours of committee meetings, trying to establish exactly why the sacred flame keeps going out. Sometimes your armies take over a continent and you just have no idea where to put it. And there's the risk of assassination; you have a food taster, who tastes anything before you eat it, and a dagger tester, who gets stabbed by anything before it stabs you. You've taken to staying at home whenever it`s the Ides of anything. Still, overall, it's a great job. You wouldn't trade it for the world - especially given how much of the world you already have.


  • 300 Cards
  • 96 Metal Tokens
  • Storage Tray
  • Inlay
  • Rule Booklet

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 Designer(s)  Donald X. Vaccarino
 Artist(s)  Brian Brinlee, Matthias Catrein, Elisa Cella, Donald Crank, Garret DeChellis, Julien Delval, Martin Hoffmann, Lynell Ingram, Tomasz Jedruszek, Raina Kuptz, Ryan Laukat, Alayna Lemmer-Danner, Harald Lieske, Kurt Miller, Mark Poole, Marco Primo, Claus Stephan, Joshua J. Stewart
 Publisher(s)  Rio Grande Games
 Year Published  2016
 Mechanics  Card Drafting, Deck, Bag, and Pool Building, Hand Management
 Categories  Card Game, Expansion for Base-game, Medieval
 Player Count  2–4
 Play Time  30 Min
 Age  14+
 Weight  2.80 / 5

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