Dominion: Hinterlands

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The world is big and your kingdom is small. Small when compared to the world, that is; it's moderate-sized when compared to other kingdoms. Well, it's time to stretch your borders! You've heard of far-off places, exotic countries... the Hinterlands... and it is these lands that you now turn your gaze.


  • 26 new kingdom cards

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 Designer(s)  Donald X. Vaccarino
 Artist(s)  Brian Brinlee, Eric J. Carter, Matthias Catrein, Jessica Cox, Garret DeChellis, Julien Delval, Martin Hoffmann, Lynell Ingram, Ryan Laukat, Alayna Lemmer-Danner, Dennis Lohausen, Marcel-André Casasola Merkle, Kurt Miller, "Kieron OGorman", Mark Poole, Marco Primo, Lorraine Schleter, Jason Slavin, Claus Stephan, Joshua J. Stewart, R. C. Torres
 Publisher(s)  Rio Grande Games
 Year Published  2011
 Mechanics  Card Drafting, Deck Building, Hand Management
 Categories  Award Winning Games, Card Games, Essential Games, Expansion, Family Games, Gateway Games, Strategy Games
 Player Count  2–4
 Play Time  30 Min
 Age  13+
 Weight  2.55 / 5

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