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It’s Not A Bribe, It’s A Gift.

Players take on the role of powerful Chinese families trying to gain influence and power by exchanging gifts with Officials. The gift cards you offer as a player has to be of a higher value than the one you receive, forcing you to make strategic choices regarding which actions you want to take each turn. You will travel around China, sail down the Grand Canal, purchase precious jade, help construct the Great Wall, secure advantages through decrees, influence the game through intrigue, and ultimately, receive an audience with the emperor. If only 1 player succeeds in doing so, he wins. If several players succeed, the player with the most VPs among those players wins the game.


  • 1 Gameboard 
  • 3 Destiny Dice 
  • 1 Day Tracker 
  • 32 Travel Tokens 
  • 5 Envoy Meeples 
  • 5 Traveler Tokens 
  • 15 Canal Ships 
  • 1 Next Start Player Medal 
  • 5 Intrigue Markers 
  • 5 VP Trackers 
  • 1 Start Player Token 
  • 38 Gift Cards 
  • 20 Jade Tokens 
  • 15 Decree Tiles 
  • 5 Player Boards 
  • 60 Servant Cubes 
  • 5 Foreman Tokens 
  • 1 Rulebook

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 Designer(s)  Andreas Steding
 Artist(s)  Andreas Resch, Noah Adelman
 Publisher(s)  Game Brewer, Tasty Minstrel Games
 Year Published  2018
 Mechanics  Hand Management, Set Collection, Worker Placement
 Categories  Strategy Games
 Player Count  1-5
 Play Time  60-90 min
 Age  12+
 Weight  3.17/5

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