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Try to sway the Master Geishas by collecting the most of their preferred items. Compete head to head to win the most favor or charms in this elegantly designed and quick paced card game.

In Hanamikoji, two players compete to earn the favor of the seven geisha masters by collecting the performance items with which they excel. With careful speculation and sometimes a few bold moves, you may earn the essential items by giving away the less critical ones. Players are taking actions to play item cards from their hand to out maneuver their opponent and win the most favor.


  • 7 Geisha Cards 
  • 21 Item Cards 
  • 8 Actions Tiles 
  • 7 Victory Markers

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 Designer(s)  Kota Nakayama (中山 宏太)
 Artist(s)  Maisherly
 Publisher(s)  EmperorS4, Deep Water Games
 Year Published  2013
 Mechanics  Area Control, Card Drafting, Hand Management
 Categories  Card Game, Family Games, Filler Games
 Player Count  2
 Play Time  15 Min
 Age  10+
 Weight  1.72 / 5

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