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After establishing themselves in Honshu, the Lords and Ladies head north to Hokkaido. Beholding Hokkaido’s mountainous landscape, they see that expansion on this land will prove to be a greater challenge than before. Hokkaido is the second map-building card game in the Nippon series, bringing new ideas and drafting mechanisms to the first design, Honshu. A game of Hokkaido consists of 12 rounds, each divided into two separate phases. Each player must expand their personal map to maximize their scoring possibilities.


  • 56 Wooden Resources (14 of each type) 
  • 15 Terraforming tiles 
  • 6 Starting Province cards 
  • 60 Map cards 
  • 5 Scoring Summary cards 
  • 9 Goal cards (optional variant) 
  • 1 Scoring pad

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  Designer(s)   Kalle Malmioja
  Artist(s)   Ossi Hiekkala, Jere Kasanen
  Publisher(s)   Lautapelit.fi, Playagame Edizioni, Renegade Game Studios
  Year Published   2018
  Mechanics   Card Drafting, Hand Management, Map Addition, Melding and Splaying
  Categories   Card Game, City Building, Filler Games, Family Games, Gateway Games, Strategy Games, Territory Building
  Player Count   2–5
  Play Time   30–40 Min
  Age   8+
  Weight   2.13/5

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