In the Hall of the Mountain King: Cursed

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You have returned to your ancestral home but the foul forces that destroyed it still linger. Vile curses drift through the rubble, and a menacing rumble hints at worse to come. Working together or alone, you must fulfill an ancient prophecy to calm the mountain before it all crashes down around you!

Cooperative and solo module. Requires In the Hall of the Mountain King to play.


  • 20 Curse cards
  • 1 Prophecy board
  • 15 Dedication tiles
  • 8 Quake tokens
  • 1 Campaign Ledger

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Burnt Island Games     How to Play

 Designer(s)  Jay Cormier, Graeme Jahns
 Artist(s)  Josh Cappel, Kwanchai Moriya
 Publisher(s)  Burnt Island Games
 Year Published  2019
 Mechanics  Network and Route Building, Pick-up and Deliver, Tile Placement
 Categories  Expansion, Strategy Games
 Player Count  1–5
 Play Time  75–90 Min
 Age  12+
 Weight  3.00 / 5

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