Junk Art

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Where some see junk, others see art! In Junk Art, let your creativity take over as everything you touch turns into magnificent structures and extraordinary creations! But you’re not the only talented artist in town and you must prove yourself by taking the road, showing your skills and making new fans!

- More than 60 big colorful wooden pieces to create real Junk Art. 
- Over 10 game modes. 
- Fun for all ages!


  • 6 Plastic bases 
  • 60 Fan tokens 
  • 60 Wooden Junk Art pieces 
  • 60 Junk Art cards 
  • 15 City cards (including 3 blank cards) 
  • 1 Start player/Direction of play card 
  • 1 Special card 
  • 3 Cactus cards
  • 1 Tape measure

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Pretzel Games     How to Play

 Designer(s)  Jay Cormier, Sen-Foong Lim
 Artist(s)  Chris Quilliams, Phillipe Guerin
 Publisher(s)  Pretzel Games
 Year Published  2016
 Mechanics  Hand Management, Player Elimination
 Categories  Dexterity, Party Game, Family Game
 Player Count  2-6
 Play Time  30 minutes
 Age  8+
 Weight  1.21/5

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