Junk Orbit

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 Space. The final junkyard. Good thing one planet’s trash is another planet’s treasure! You're captain of your own scavenging spaceship, picking up space junk and transporting it to any city that will take it. Launch your junk... uh... *cargo* out of your airlock to propel your ship! Race to deliver your cargo as you navigate the orbits of nearby planets and moons! It’s astrodynamics for fun and profit!


  • 128 Junk tiles 
  • 5 Ship Tokens 
  • 5 Ship Cards 
  • 5 Double Sided Boards 
  • 1 Rulebook

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 Designer(s)  Daniel Solis
 Artist(s)  Eric Hibbeler
 Publisher(s)  Renegade Game Studios
 Year Published  2018
 Mechanics  Pickup and Deliver, Variable Player Powers
 Categories  Space, Family Games
 Player Count  2-5
 Play Time  30-40 minutes
 Age  10+
 Weight  2.00/5

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