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The Keyples return with the latest in Richard Breese's series of truly beautiful games. This time teaming up with Sebastian Bleasedale, the concept is simple but mastering the game will prove a lot harder. Over the course of four rounds, all players build a small town in front of them, adding to it by bidding and using tiles placed in the middle of the table. Keyples can be used to bid on a tile or activate it, so a decent supply will be necessary but they seem to be hard to come by until the boats (including the Keyflower herself!) arrive. A gloriously accessible game, you'll be immediately surprised at the depth inside the box. Set sail aboard Keyflower today!


  • 64 Hexagonal Village Tiles 
  • 141 Meeples (plus a bag to draw from) 
  • 120 Counters 
  • 48 Wooden Resource Tokens 
  • 6 Player Screens 
  • Skill Tokens 
  • Rulebook 

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 Designer(s)  Sebastian Bleasdale, Richard Breese
 Artist(s)  Juliet Breese, Jo Breese, Gemma Tegelaers
 Publisher(s)  R&D Games
 Year Published  2012
 Mechanics  Auction/Bidding, Modular Board, Network and Route Building, Set Collection, Tile Placement, Worker Placement
 Categories  City Building, Economic, Strategy Games
 Player Count  2–6
 Play Time  90–120 Min
 Age  12+
 Weight  3.35 / 5

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