Kingdomino Duel

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Roll the dice, choose the ones you want and put them together in pairs to create your dominos. Bit by bit, fill your checkered map while entrusting the territories of your kingdom to families who support you and while keeping an eye on your opponent’s kingdom. Gather favours from wizards in order to cast powerful spells which will allow you to rule without having to share.Kingdomino Duel is a completely independent game which preserves the essence of the original and highly successful Kingdomino.


  • Dice
  • Notebook with 1 Map Side and 1 Spellbook Side

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  Designer(s)   Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc
  Artist(s)   Cyril Bouquet
  Publisher(s)   Blue Orange Games
  Year Published   2019
  Mechanics   Dice Rolling, Paper-and-Pencil
  Categories  Roll and Write, Filler Games, Dice Games, Family Games, Gateway Games
  Player Count   2
  Play Time   20 Min
  Age   8+
  Weight   1.75/5

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