Legendary Marvel: Revelations

$20 $29.99

Keeping pace with the popularity of the vast roster of Avengers, this 200-card deluxe expansion to Legendary, a Marvel Deck Building Game, is packed full of content including long-awaited Heroes like Scarlet Witch and War Machine as well as infamous Masterminds like the Mandarin and his formidable power rings. This super-sized expansion includes a robust collection of new villains and schemes, ratcheting up the complexity to challenge your Legendary skills, but don't be intimidated, because evil can't win, when Avengers assemble!

- The long-awaited arrival of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and War Machine to a Legendary expansion! 
- 19th Expansion to the vast Legendary Landscape! 
- This deluxe expansion is packed full of content: 9 Heroes, 3 Masterminds, 2 Villain groups, 2 Henchmen groups, 4 Schemes and 3 Special Bystanders! 
- All cards feature original artwork! 
- Requires the Marvel Legendary Core Set to play and is compatible with all Legendary Marvel games!

The latest addition to Legendary, a Marvel Deck Building game is a 200 card deluxe expansion, adding some fan-favorite Avengers to the legendary list of playable heroes. But no Legendary expansion would be complete without a robust lineup of Masterminds and Villains like The Mandarin, Whiplash and The Hood! Build your deck, defeat evil and become Legendary!


200 Playable Cards 
Original artwork 
1 Rulesheet

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 Designer(s)  Devin Low
 Artist(s)  Jeremy Colwell, Vincenzo Cucca, Jesse Heagy, Jay David Ramos
 Publisher(s)  Upper Deck Entertainment
 Year Published  2019
 Mechanics  Deck Building, Hand Management, Cooperative Play, Fighting
 Categories  Card Games, Expansion, Strategy Games, Family Games
 Player Count  1-5
 Play Time  30-60 min
 Age  14+

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