Loup Garou

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Loup Garou means Werewolf (it's French). You've been bitten and you are now a young werewolf. You'll have to learn to control your powers if you are going to find your master and solve the mysterious events going on in the town of Whitehorn. You will fight monsters, creatures, human enemies and other foes!

Volume #3 in the new Graphic Novel Adventures gamebook line from Van Ryder Games. In Loup Garou, you play the role of a new werewolf trying to figure out how to control your transformations while uncovering the cause of some strange occurrences in the local town. Featuring a unique combat system and the ability to level up and gain new skills, this book is sure to keep you busy for hours on end!

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 Designer(s)  Uncredited
 Publisher(s)  Van Ryder Games
 Year Published  2018 (US)
 Mechanics  Adventure, Deduction, Role Playing
 Categories  Book
 Player Count  1
 Play Time  
 Age  10+

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