Munchkin Apocalypse

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In Munchkin Apocalypse, every possible natural (and unnatural) disaster has happened. You are a rugged survivor in a world full of people - and things - that want to kill you and take your stuff. So do it to them first! And what's with all these seals running around? Don't they know the world's about to end? You should keep an eye on that seventh one in particular . . .

In the game, players take on the role of students attending Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and team up with Professor X, Wolverine, and more super-charged mutants to take down the likes of Sabretooth, Juggernaut, and the almighty Magneto.

Tell the Players:

  • Kill the monsters, take their stuff, and survive the end of the world.
  • A new card type: Disasters! You want them to happen to the other players.
  • Just to keep things interesting, there's an alternate victory condition!

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 Designer(s)  Steve Jackson (I)
 Artist(s)  John Kovalic, Ethan Nicolle, Len Peralta, Gabby Ruenes
 Publisher(s)  Black Monk, Edge Entertainment, Hobby World, Kaissa Chess & Games, Pegasus Spiele, Raven Distribution, Steve Jackson Games
 Year Published  2012
 Mechanics  Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers
 Categories  Card Game, Fighting, Humor
 Player Count  3-6
 Play Time  90 Min
 Age  10+
 Weight  2.08 / 5

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