My Little Scythe

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My Little Scythe is a competitive, family-friendly game in which each player controls 2 animal miniatures embarking upon an adventure in the Kingdom of Pomme.

In an effort to be the first to earn 4 trophies from 8 possible categories, players take turns choosing to Move, Seek, or Make. These actions will allow players to increase their friendship and pies, power up their actions using upgrade tiles, complete quests, learn magic spells, discover precious resources through an innovative dice mechanism, deliver gems and apples to Castle Everfree, and perhaps even engage in a pie fight.

Some of My Little Scythe’s mechanisms are inspired by the bestselling game, Scythe. It caught the eye of Stonemaier Games as a fan-created print-and-play game in 2017 (it went on to win the BoardGameGeek 2017 award for best print-and-play game).

Featured Components

  • Rulebooks for both multiplayer and solo play
  • 14 miniatures ranging in size from 48 to 70mm
  • 1 painting guide and 1 achievement sheet
  • 5 custom dice, 24 custom apples, and 24 gems
  • 70+ mats, tokens, tiles, and boards
  • 71 cards (57x87mm)
  • 3-piece Game Trayz custom insert

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 Designer(s)  Hoby Chou, Vienna Chou
 Artist(s)  Noah Adelman, Katie Khau
 Publisher(s)  Stonemaier Games
 Year Published  2017
 Mechanics  Area Control, Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Pickup and Deliver
 Categories  Economic, Fighting, Miniatures, Strategy Games, Children's Games
 Player Count  1-6
 Play Time  45-60 minutes
 Age  8+
 Weight  1.92/5

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