Pixel Tactics Deluxe

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Step back into the golden age of strategy gaming with Pixel Tactics! Now with the new Pixel Tactics Deluxe, you have everything you need to get started or to take the game to the next level! In addition to a complete set of never-before seen heroes, DELUXE gives you a large storage box to keep your whole collection in one place, a bonus minipak expansion, and a big rulebook that introduces new play modes, including Large-Group League Play! Deluxe is fully playable on its own, but combining multiple Pixel Tactics games together gives you a ton of new ways to play!


  • Two complete decks of 25 heroes
  • Deck of Common heroes for draft and league play
  • Deck of Bases for draft and league play
  • Set of 9 additional heroes for deck customization
  • Over 50 chibi-art leader cards
  • Rules Book
  • Game Mat
  • Damage counters
  • Reference cards
  • Big Storage Box holds all other Pixel Tactics Games, with room for future expansions!

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Level 99 Games     How to Play

 Designer(s)  D. Brad Talton, Jr.
 Artist(s)  Fábio Fontes
 Publisher(s)  Level 99 Games
 Year Published  2015
 Mechanics  Hand Management, Variable Player Powers
 Categories  Card Games, Fighting
 Player Count  2–4
 Play Time  45 Min
 Age  12+
 Weight  2.58 / 5

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