Sherlock Holmes: Four Investigations

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It will take every bit of intuition and deductive reasoning you can muster to solve the cases in this one!

Choose to play as Dr. John Watson or as Sherlock himself. The unique system allows you to play over and over without learning the solutions of each case until you have successfully solved them. But will you be able to ignore your curiosity and play through it again without looking at the solutions?

Volume #5 in the new Graphic Novel Adventures gamebook line from Van Ryder Games. In Sherlock, you play the role of Dr. Watson or Sherlock Holmes himself with the task of solving 4 different, yet somehow connected, investigations. This game book features a unique interrogation system and an innovative way to check your guess without revealing the solutions, so you can play over and over until you solve the cases correctly!

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 Designer(s)  Cédric Asna
 Artist(s)  Cédric Asna
 Publisher(s)  Van Ryder Games
 Year Published  2018 (US)
 Mechanics  Adventure, Deduction
 Categories  Book
 Player Count  1
 Play Time  
 Age  10+

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