Smartphone Inc.

$45 $59.99

In Smartphone Inc., you become a CEO of one of the largest smartphone-producing companies in the time when smartphones were only beginning to conquer the world. Research technologies, develop your factory, build your worldwide office network, and outprice your competitors.

Smartphone Inc. is an economic simulation Eurogame. Over five rounds, players program their decisions about price, production, research, and expansion in order to earn more profits and become the most successful company in the world by earning more money than rivals. The game features a unique mechanism of planning, which combines patching mechanisms with bidding and action selection. Each of the rounds consists of eight simple phases: planning, pricing, production, development, research, expansion, selling, and profits.


  • Rulebook
  • Solo mode rulebook
  • Double-layer gameboard
  • 5 player screens
  • 7 retail tiles
  • Income player mat
  • 6 patent tiles
  • 6 technology tiles
  • 32 improvement tiles
  • 20 product tiles
  • 10 player mats
  • 5 inserts
  • 90 office pieces
  • 60 progress pieces
  • 100 product pieces
  • 2 round and phase pieces
  • 1 Steve's piece

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Cosmodrome Games     How to Play

 Designer(s)  Ivan Lashin
 Artist(s)  Viktor Miller Gausa
 Publisher(s)  Cosmodrome Games
 Year Published  2018
 Mechanics  Area Majority / Influence, Network and Route Building, Simultaneous Action Selection
 Categories  Economic, Strategy Games
 Player Count  1–5
 Play Time  60–90 Min
 Age  12+
 Weight  2.78 / 5

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