Solo Hero Series: Proving Grounds

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Maia Strongheart stands alone against the world. A cabal of conspirators has framed her for the death of her own mother, the Sun Queen, and they intend to usurp the throne from her family. To prove her own innocence and reclaim her birthright, Maia must step into the Proving Grounds to complete a trial that will stretch her combat skills to the limit. Will the Wizened’s chosen daughter vanquish her foes in the arena? Or will she be overwhelmed by the conspirators and their evil aspirations?

Proving Grounds is a real-time solitaire dice game from the creator of FUSE and Flatline. It merges narrative and gameplay in a brand-new way. In this box, you will find a novella, Only the Strongest Has the Heart of a Wizened Queen, written by Monica Valentinelli. This sweeping story sets the stage for the events of the game. Read the story of Maia Strongheart as she fights to ascend to the Sun Throne. Then, recreate her extraordinary battle.

If you’ve never played a solo game before, this is a great place to start. There is a training game and six different gameplay modules. Once you’ve learned the basics, add a single module or mix and match to your tastes. If you’re feeling truly adventurous, put them all together for a true test of your gladiatorial combat skills!


  • 1 Encounter Board 
  • 30 Enemy Cards 
  • 1 Health Marker 
  • 6 Battle Markers 
  • 14 Attack Dice 
  • 1 Dragonling Die 
  • 1 Dragonling Token 
  • 19 Chariot Cards 
  • 15 Inspiration Cards 
  • 6 Shield Tokens 
  • 6 Conspirator Cards 
  • 1 Sun and Moon Dial (with plastic rivet) 
  • 1 Reference Card 
  • 1 Storybook 
  • 1 Rulebook

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Renegade Game Studios     How to Play

 Designer(s)  Kane Klenko
 Artist(s)  Csaba Bernáth
 Publisher(s)  Renegade Game Studios
 Year Published  2019
 Mechanics  Dice Rolling, Real Time
 Categories  Dice Games, Strategy Games
 Player Count  1
 Play Time  30-45 min
 Age  10+
 Weight  2.00/5

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