Star Realms Gambit Set

$7.75 $9.99

Just when your enemy thinks the battle is in their grasp, one final gambit can turn agonizing defeat into glorious victory!


  • 13 Gambit Cards
  • 3 Merc Cruiser Ship Cards
  • 2 Solo Challenge Cards
  • 2 Cooperative Challenge Cards

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 Designer(s)  Robert Dougherty, Darwin Kastle
 Artist(s)  Kaile Dutton
 Publisher(s)  ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH, Broadway Toys LTD, Devir, Games Factory Publishing, IELLO, White Wizard Games
 Year Published  2014
 Mechanics  Card Drafting, Deck, Bag, and Pool Building, Solo / Solitaire Game, Take That
 Categories  Card Game, Expansion, Fighting, Science Fiction
 Player Count  1-6
 Play Time  20 Min
 Age  12+
 Weight  1.96 / 5

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