Star Realms: United - Assault

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As the fight for galactic dominance rages, once unthinkable alliances have become a reality. Harness these newly united powers or be destroyed by them.

Star Realms: United Assault features all-new hybrid Ships and Bases.  What happens when factions combine?  You get strange and powerful new effects!

This pack contains 12 cards: 2 Trade Star, 1 Union Stronghold, 2 Alliance Transport, 1 Embassy Base, 2 Coalition Messenger, 1 Lookout Post, 2 Blob Bot, 1 Exchange Point.

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 Designer(s)  Robert Dougherty, Darwin Kastle
 Artist(s)  Vito Gesualdi
 Publisher(s)  White Wizard Games
 Year Published  2016
 Mechanics  Card Drafting, Deck Building
 Categories  Card Games, Fighting, Expansion, Filler Games, Gateway Games
 Player Count  2
 Play Time  20 minutes
 Age  12+
 Weight  2.00/5

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