TEAM3 Green

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All players work together to finish a structure as fast as possible. But there is a catch, TEAM3 is played in teams of three players, with each player taking on one of three special roles: the player who can’t speak, the player who can’t see, or the player in the middle.

The player who can’t speak can only communicate in gestures! This player is the only one who can see the task card with the outline of the structure that their team must build... but they are not allowed to talk.

The player in the middle must interpret the gestures of the player who can’t speak! This player relays this information to the player who can’t see so that they can build the structure.

The player who can’t see is the only one who can touch the pieces... But they must play the game with their eyes closed! They are responsible for building the structure, based on the directions given to them by the player in the middle.

Each version of TEAM3 comes with different Blueprint Cards, different mini expansion and you can play up to 12 players by combining them.


  • 80 Blueprint Cards
  • 3 ID Cards
  • 1 Plastic Stand
  • 10 Playing Pieces
  • Game Rules
  • Mind Merge Expansion

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 Designer(s)  Alex Cutler, Matt Fantastic
 Artist(s)  Reinis Pētersons
 Publisher(s)  Brain Games, ABACUSSPIELE
 Year Published  2019
 Mechanics  Team-Based Game
 Categories  Dexterity, Family Games, Filler Games, Party Games
 Player Count  3–6
 Play Time  30 Min
 Age  14+
 Weight  1.17 / 5

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