Tears of a Goddess

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The sacred sprouts known as "the tears of Nuwa" have been stolen by three thieves. You are a bounty hunter hired to track them down and return the sprouts before the apocalypse is unleashed! And make a bit of money in the process.

Volume #2 in the new Graphic Novel Adventures gamebook line from Van Ryder Games. In Tears of a Goddess, you play the role of a Chinese bounty hunter looking to make some cash buy finding the stolen "tears of Nuwa" for the town leader. Choose to be a thief, a master of disguise, or to be skilled with thrown weapons and set out to find the thieves in this intriguing adventure. 

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 Designer(s)  Emmanuel Manuro
 Publisher(s)  Van Ryder Games
 Year Published  
 Mechanics  Adventure, Deduction, Role Playing
 Categories  Book
 Player Count  1
 Play Time  
 Age  10+

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