Terra Mystica: Mini Expansion 1

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Add more variety to your games of Terra Mystica than ever before! This mini expansion includes four new Town Tiles, a new Scoring Tile, and a new Bonus Card, creating new goals for you to strive for. Additionally, the mini expansion introduces Special Terrain tiles for each faction. These tiles make the factions even more unique, granting new bonuses and abilities once they are placed. Take your faction to the next level and leave your signature mark on the world of Terra Mystica!

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     Designer(s)  Jens Drögemüller, Helge Ostertag, Eduardo Andrade, Jens Drögemüller
     Artist(s)  Dennis Lohausen
     Publisher(s)  Z-Man Games, Inc.
     Year Published  2015
     Mechanics  Network and Route Building, Variable Player Powers
     Categories  Civilization, Economic, Expansion, Strategy Games
     Player Count  2–5
     Play Time  60–120 Min
     Age  12+
     Weight  3.70 / 5

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