Ticket to Ride: First Journey - Europe

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Take your first steps in Ticket to Ride with Ticket to Ride: First Journey. Collect cards of different colors, use them to claim railway routes with your trains, and complete your Tickets to achieve victory!

Easy to learn and fast to play, Ticket to Ride: First Journey is the perfect introduction to the Ticket to Ride game series.

So climb aboard and discover a wonderful railroad adventure throughout Europe!


  • 1 Board Map of European Train Routes
  • 80 Colored Trains
  • 72 Train Cards
  • 32 Tickets
  • 4 "East to West" Bonus Tickets
  • 1 Rulesheet

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Days of Wonder     How to Play

 Designer(s)  Alan R. Moon
 Artist(s)  Cyrille Daujean, Jean-Baptiste Reynaud, Régis Torres
 Publisher(s)  Days of Wonder
 Year Published  2017
 Mechanics  Hand Management, Route Building, Set Collection
 Categories  Children's Game, Trains, Family Games
 Player Count  2-4
 Play Time  15-30 minutes
 Age  6+
 Weight  1.50/5

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