Ticket To Ride: Map Collection V5 - United Kingdom and Pennsylvania

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Place the first rails of the glorious train adventure that all started in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in the 19th century. Learn to master the power of steam to build trains that go faster and farther, develop your technologies, and reach the far cities of Scotland and Ireland before your opponents!


  • Maps of United Kingdom and Pennsylvania
  • New Train cards & Tech Cards (United Kingdom)
  • New Stock Share Cards (Pennsylvania)
  • Tickets and Rules for Each Map

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Days of Wonder     How to Play

 Designer(s)  Alan R. Moon
 Artist(s)  Cyrille Daujean, Julien Delval
 Publisher(s)  Days of Wonder, Rebel
 Year Published  2015
 Mechanics  Card Drafting, Hand Management, Route Building, Set Collection, Stock Holding
 Categories  Award Winning Games, Essential Games, Expansion, Family Games, Gateway Games, Strategy Games
 Player Count  2–5
 Play Time  30–75 Min
 Age  8+
 Weight  2.28 / 5

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