Tokaido: Matsuri

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The traditional Japanese festivities and sixteen new travelers are now part of the wonderful Tokaido journey.

These Matsuri (the Japanese word for festival), triggered by the arrival of the Travelers at the intermediate Inns, punctuate the path with new and unique events.

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 Designer(s)  Antoine Bauza
 Artist(s)  Xavier Gueniffey Durin
 Publisher(s)  Funforge,, Jolly Thinkers, Swan Panasia Co., Ltd., Zhiyanjia
 Year Published  2016
 Mechanics  Point to Point Movement, Set Collection, Time Track, Variable Player Powers
 Categories  Expansion, Family Games, Gateway Games
 Player Count  2–5
 Play Time  45 Min
 Age  8+
 Weight  1.77 / 5

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