Tokyo Coin Laundry

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A game showcasing the wonderful experiences that can only come from doing one's laundry at a coin laundromat, Tokyo Coin Laundry offers every-thing from role-playing, to team games, to dexterity!


  • 4 openable miniature washing machines
  • 2 white openable miniature dryers
  • 1 fifty page tear off notepad
  • 16 fabric clothing items in two colors
  • 4 miniature detergent bottles
  • 20 mini sized cards
  • 25 die cut chits

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 Designer(s)  Luke Crane, Jordan Draper, JR Honeycutt, Naotaka Shimamoto
 Artist(s)  Jordan Draper
 Publisher(s)  Jordan Draper Games
 Year Published  2019
 Mechanics  Acting, Auction/Bidding, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Memory, Role Playing, Set Collection, Storytelling, Team-Based Game
 Categories  Abstract Strategy, Action / Dexterity, Bluffing, Card Game, Deduction, Economic, Environmental, Game System, Memory, Miniatures, Number, Party Game, Puzzle, Real-time
 Player Count  1-6
 Play Time  5-60 Min
 Age  14+
 Weight  2.00 / 5

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