Tokyo Game Show

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Inspired by the extraordinarily entertaining and popular Japenese reality television genre, Tokyo Game Show gives players the opportunity to put on a colorful wristband and appear in their very own game show!


  • 5 colorful wrist bands
  • 30 circular point chits
  • 63 game show cards
  • 9 discs
  • 6 custom wooden dice
  • 1 thick ruleook

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 Designer(s)  Jordan Draper, Hiroshi Kawamura, Yu Maruno
 Artist(s)  Jordan Draper
 Publisher(s)  Jordan Draper Games
 Year Published  2019
 Mechanics  Acting, Cooperative Game, Modular Board, Paper-and-Pencil, Push Your Luck, Simulation, Team-Based Game
 Categories  Action / Dexterity, Animals, Bluffing, Card Game, Deduction, Dice, Educational, Humor, Movies / TV / Radio theme, Music, Negotiation, Number, Party Game, Puzzle, Real-time, Trivia, Word Game
 Player Count  2-6
 Play Time  20-30 Min
 Age  N/A
 Weight  0.70 lb

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