Tragedy Looper

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You know the "Time Loop" fiction genre, where the main cast can go back in time to try to avoid whatever disaster is going to happen? Well, now that power is yours! Tragedy Looper allows a team of Protagonists to go back in time to stop tragedies from happening. A Mastermind will try to unfold those tragedies while the Protagonists have to find out what patterns are hidden, what evil plots are at work, and what roles the characters are before they run out of hope.

In each loop, the Protagonists try to gain as much information as possible in order to stop the tragedies in the next loop. Sometimes they will have the help of characters if the Protagonists can form goodwill bonds with them. But if the characters become too paranoid, bad things can happen. And if the intrigue of the plots come to fruition, the characters, or even the Protagonists, can perish!

Tragedy Looper contains 10 scenarios of various plots and subplots. One player will be the Mastermind, whose goal is to make sure the tragedies unfold. The other players are the Protagonists, whose job it is to stop those tragedies from occurring. And these scenarios are only the beginning. This box contains everything you need to create more adventures for the Protagonists, and more devious plots for the Mastermind!

This new edition features:

- A revised and sturdier game board

- Revised player's and Mastermind's books and player aids


  • 2 Game Boards
  • 1 Leader Card
  • 4 Extra Cards
  • 34 Action Cards
  • 20 Script Cards
  • 18 Character Cards
  • 118 Counters
  • 4 Summary Sheets
  • 1 Player's Handbook
  • 1 Mastermind's Handbook

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 Designer(s)  BakaFire
 Artist(s)  Bascu, Rei Konno
 Publisher(s)  BakaFire Party, Z-Man Games
 Year Published  2011
 Mechanics  Bluffing, Deduction, Grid Movement, Hand Management, Partnerships
 Categories  Strategy Games
 Player Count  2-4
 Play Time  120 min
 Age  13+
 Weight  3.48/5

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