Unmatched: Little Red Riding Hood vs. Beowulf

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In battle, there are no equals.

ONCE UPON A TIME, Little Red Riding Hood took her basket of nasty tricks and faced off against the legendary Beowulf in this exciting Unmatched set.

"What big eyes you have, Wulfie!"

"That’s called 'rage', kid!"

Little Red features a clever card-combo mechanic. Matching icons on the cards she plays to the one in her "basket" (discard pile), triggers potent effects. Meanwhile, Beowulf uses rage to power up his cards for devastating attacks.

Unmatched is a highly asymmetrical miniature fighting game for two or four players. Each hero is represented by a unique deck designed to evoke their style and legend. Tactical movement and no-luck combat resolution create a unique play experience that rewards expertise, but just when you've mastered one set, new heroes arrive to provide all new match-ups.


  • 2 Miniature Figures
  • 2 Sidekick Tokens
  • 4 Health Dials
  • 63 Cards
  • 3 Door Tokens
  • 3 Rage Tokens
  • 1 Gameboard
  • Instructions

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Restoration Games     How to Play

 Designer(s)  Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson
 Artist(s)  Oliver Barrett
 Publisher(s)  Restoration Games
 Year Published  2020
 Mechanics  Area Movement, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers
 Categories  Card Games, Expansion, Gateway Games, Fighting, Miniatures, Strategy Games
 Player Count  2
 Play Time  20 Minutes
 Age  9+
 Weight  2.00 / 5

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