Welcome To...Doomsday Thematic Neighborhood

$7 $9.95

In Welcome To... Doomsday players are trying to save as many people as possible from impending nuclear destruction!


  • 3 new city plans
  • 50 sheets of brand new art and mechanics

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Deep Water Games     How to Play

  Designer(s)   Alexis Allard, Benoit Turpin
  Artist(s)   Anne Heidsieck
  Publisher(s)   Deep Water Games
  Year Published   2019
  Mechanics   Paper-and-Pencil, Pattern Building
  Categories   City Building, Expansion, Filler Games, Family Games, Party Games, Gateway Games, Roll and Write
  Player Count   1–100
  Play Time   25 Min
  Age   10+
  Weight   2.00/5

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