Your Town

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Ever wondered what it was like to be the mayor of a small town in the wild west? Well here's your chance to find out. You'll build buildings on a map to earn income, create jobs, attract new citizens, and gain a whole host of other benefits (and sometimes consequences) to help you manage the critical aspects of town!

Volume #4 in the new Graphic Novel Adventures gamebook line from Van Ryder Games. In Your Town, you play the role of the new mayor of a small western town. Will you perish at the hands of outlaws? Or will you lead the town to prosperity? Find out in this unique experience with its unique game play and town building mechanisms.

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 Publisher(s)  Van Ryder Games
 Year Published  
 Mechanics  Adventure, Deduction, Economic, Role Playing
 Categories  Book
 Player Count  1
 Play Time  
 Age  10+

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